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We offer Affordable Packages for our Craigslist Posting Services. Take a look on our Craigslist Posting Services price table & compare with other provider. We GUARANTEE LOWEST PRICES with 100% Live Ratio. The prices below are for PER AD POSTED. Please check for best package for you or Contact Us Today for Custom Packages.

With our Craigslist Posting Services, you will see an instant increase in the volume of calls you are receiving daily. We can provide different phone numbers for your Local area to track the results of our Craigslist Posting Services.

For Custom Packages or more than 100 posts per day, Please Contact Us Today!


Minimum order is 10 Ads Per Day, To cover our investment cost we require the minimum duration of each campaign be at least 14 day (2 weeks). What works today may not work tomorrow so we reserve the right to change pricing based upon restrictions that can be created by Craigslist also upon the current supply/demand. Please Contact Us today to place an order!

We accept, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram. Payment is required before the start of postings. Postings begin 24-36 hours following the confirmation of your payment due to the resources that have to be gathered such as pvas and accounts.

We will submit daily reports containing the links of flagged, ghosted or live posts. We only charge for live ads you don’t pay for ghosted ads. Any ghosted ads will be re-posted free of charge. You ARE responsible for posts that are flagged however, Craigslist users has been given the ability to flag posts and we do not have control over 3rd parties or competitors flagging your ads.